Storytime Online

With access to libraries, classrooms and bookshops limited for many,  we’ve been busy finding some of the best online storytimes for children to access freely at home. The QR codes and links in the document link to story readings on Youtube and all of the books we’ve chosen are read aloud by their fabulous authors and illustrators.

Storytime Online Ages 3 – 5

Storytime Online 5 – 7

Storytime Online 7 – 9

Storytime Online 9 – 11

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine  Reception – Year 6

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine  Reception – Year 6

This year, if a child was absent on the day the school nursing team had visited to offer the nasal spray flu vaccine, we will not be sending letters to parents/guardians advising you to hand it in at your GP practice when you arrange for your child to receive the vaccination. This is due to current IP&C advice on handling of paper.

If your child was absent when their ‘class bubble’ was vaccinated, but you consented to the vaccination, you need to arrange with your GP practice for your child to be vaccinated.

Your help is greatly appreciated

Kind Regards,

Clare Donoghue

School Nurse Immunisation Coordinator

Sammy Sloth Goes Back to School

This story was written for all of the amazing children who have had their little world turned upside down in the last few months.
Children, just like adults, may be worried or anxious about returning to school following the Coronavirus Pandemic. This short story about Sammy the Sloth facing his fears of returning to school is a sweet story to read with your child and opens up opportunities for discussion around how they may be feeling, focussing on the familiar amidst the unknowns. Written and Illustrated by Rachel Cook