School Aims/Amcanion ein ysgol

School Aims/Amcanion ein ysgol
Our aim is to educate your child to his/her full potential in a happy, safe and caring environment. Children need to be taught and to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and morally.
Each child is different and has different needs and capabilities in all these areas.
We work to meet these needs and capabilities by:-
·         creating an interesting learning environment.
·         providing our children with high quality teaching, books, materials and equipment in
         order that they may learn.
·         helping the children to become independent learners by teaching them key skills and by
         establishing good working habits.
·         making school a happy place.
·         establishing a well ordered school based on self discipline and respect for each other.
·         requiring honesty, truthfulness, diligence, perseverance and good manners from the
         children and to help the children develop these qualities.
·         educating the children to care for themselves, for others, for the school, for the natural
         environment and for their community.
·         developing good relationships between home and school and maintaining open dialogue
         based on confidence and trust.
We have Home/School agreements in place where Parents “sign up” to supporting the ethos and values of school, so that the positive patterns of behaviour, commitment, courtesy and effort are encouraged both at home and in school. We try to develop consistency in expectations of children, and consistency in their experiences of life.